The Aleppo soap, a traditional well-being

Aleppo soap is 3,000 years old and is considered the oldest soap in the world.

A real treasure since antiquity, Aleppo soap and its various uses make it easy to use and absolutely adopt in your beauty routine. Made of olive oil, bay leaf oil, soda and water, it has been attracting interest for many years.

It is now recognized worldwide for its many properties.

How is it made? What are its benefits for the skin? Discover the secrets of Aleppo soap.

The oldest Aleppo soap in the world

Design of Aleppo soap

Aleppo soap is manufactured in the same way for several centuries.

  1. In the first step, the pot contains only olive oil, bay leaf oil, water and soda, and this mixture is stirred for about 20 hours to form a green paste.
    A first soap emulsion is obtained here, this is called impasto.

  2. Then, different molecules are evacuated by the bottom of the cauldron, here it is the release

  3. In the third step, called enrichment, oil is added to enrich the dough. This step is followed by a rest of the dough for about 12 hours.

  4. The paste is then refined and purified by washing with clear water, this is called liquidation. The objective is to obtain a neutral paste without alkalinity. The soap maker tastes the paste to determine if it is of good quality.

  5. Now comes the pouring stage. The soap is poured on the ground in winter so that it can set.

  6. The dough enters the cutting stage. It is cut to obtain individual soaps.

  7. It is while passing to the stamping that the seal of the soap maker is affixed on each soap

  8. Finally, the soap goes through the phase of drying in the open air for 9 months and takes on its final brown color.

Aleppo soap has a particular color. It is between yellow and brown on the outside and emerald green on the inside. This difference in color is due to the fact that the surface of the soap oxidizes during drying.

Stages of manufacture of Aleppo

Benefits of Aleppo soap for the skin

Used daily, like any soap, Aleppo soap combines the moisturizing and softening properties of olive oil to the purifying and antiseptic properties of oil of bay laurel.

Very soft in nature, Aleppo soap can be used to wash both hands and body. It is a perfect exfoliant for the skin. In addition, it can also be used as a purifying or cleansing mask for the face.

Simply apply the soap in a thick layer, leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water and then moisturizing the skin.

Tip: Do this once a week.

In addition, it can also be used as an aftershave. This avoids irritation of the face after the blade has passed.

Ancestral formula of Aleppo soap
Its ancestral formula, its artisanal manufacture, the obviousness of its components of local origin and its own qualities of use have made the history of this soap. A new soap to adopt in your beauty routine.